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Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
taken us out of iraq. president obama who has waged a tough war against al qaeda and has gone off the leadership note tbli osama bin laden who has taken out from the terrorist on yemen -- and president obama because of the actions in the very pressive record has boosted american credibility in some parts of the world. governor romney has been trying to assert that president obama is not strong enough on foreign policy. he hasn't supported israel enough. or not as tough as he should be with china. i'm not sure that's getting through. i wonder if romney might be better adviced to articulate in a more detailed way how he would change american and foreign and security policy and how do we deal with china, russia, get out of afghanistan with i have 68,000 men and tbhim uniform in afghanistan. the debate start as you know next week, it looks like foreign policy will be a part part of the debate in the campaign. i think it's healthy we discuss the issues. >> host: i want your comments from out there from the viewers. for nicholas burns who is up in boston. he's teaching a harvard. he spe
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. if you look at the troops in iraq, somebody else's problem. there is a danger that could happen and afghanistan. and it's understandable. he got 10,000 troops on the ground and the men and women are dying, that has a degree of focus and interest that is impossible to sustain. we should recognize it as a danger point and we will be there. that'll be something else in the world that takes our attention and our energies. but we ought to remember that we should continue to invest in afghanistan. i mean, we in the british foreign office in the united states should have the capacity to keep our eye on more than one war upon. >> i suppose the key was to negotiate. it didn't work that way. if it didn't work that way in a western democracy, the do very little chance of the work in that way in afghanistan, therefore the extent to which there is an engagement, whether it's track to her otherwise with the taliban if they think they're important because you can wait a long, long time for the kind of progress in security level, which may never happen. >> you're absolutely right. i keep using
Sep 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
resigned prior to the iraq war because of this issue? >> guest: it is an interesting question. you have the same military background. so much happens in hindsight. particularly with iraq and on the unintended consequences. you know, we might be very wise to look at and think about the consequences for everything before we go ahead with it. again, both of them probably wrestled with this decision, both of them made the decision to stay on. >> host: e-mail from eric kohlberg, i would like to hear your opinion on the controversial issue of truman's decision to drop the bomb on japan. the record shows that solution on trumansburg, except when he was in the company of secretary of state james burns. i believe that burns had more reason than truman to use the bomb is the trump card to fight the soviets. why burns more than truman, because burns had championed fdr's guilt agreement. >> guest: i am not familiar with byrne's burns' influence on him. i will speak about the decision to use the bomb. at the time, there is no question about it. i do not think it was that great of a decision. when yo
Sep 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
it to the years the 13 crew of 26 iraq another ten years, 42. forty-three. now the congressional black caucus is the largest carcass that we have in the house of representatives. >> among our members of. >> with all of the struggles that we suffered in the civil rights movement, all of them marching and praying and dying that people had done for us, please, don't any of the walkaway not realizing that this struggle continues, and the same type of mentality that would rush to prevent us from voting yesterday exists today with the same motivation to stop us from voting. so with all of the pride, dignity, and feelings that we have asked to where we have been and where we are today, please call me to and everyone of you, walk away believing that this is just the beginning for you, your children, and your children's children. [applause] >> my name is charlie. you know, this is the 42nd annual legislative conference, and i want to welcome you to the national town hall meeting. as co-chair of this year's annual legislative conference, it has been an honor and quite frankly a thrill to work with my g
Sep 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
was that he was going to be the guy who close guantÁnamo, got us out of iraq, and to torture, and didn't counterterrorism, according to our values. he did a lot of those things and if you talk about that, there is a lot -- he had some sort of solid accomplishment along those lines. but those are not actually the reasons why he is polling at 65% on handling of terrorism. the reason he is polling that high and the reason he is talking about it in his convention speech and his opponent is not is that he launched strikes and killed a lot of people. he killed two particular people in particular. one is osama bin laden and the other is [inaudible name]. the second is a u.s. citizen and the results of the aggregate of these very strong, very aggressive actions is that he has come off as a tough guy. so you have the republican party, which has been sort of deprived of a place that it expected to be. significant expect, obama is not talking about this issue the way that he expected to be talking about it at this point either. i don't mean to say that that is an unfortunate position to be in the
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the way of monopolistic enterprise such as banking and energy. see you get where i'm going to iraq. >> so there are surveys out there that look and higher incomes. the federal reserve has a survey. consumer finances looks at a sample of higher income people, and economic in occupations. i don't know the results of what occupations there are, but that is a question the number of people looking at. >> here is a question about the fed announcement yesterday and it's affecting commodities. danny wright's, crude-oil prices are already climbing after the fed's announcement. i guess the fed thinks that the poor can afford higher gas prices and energy prices as high as the stock-market bubble can be inflated to the more. >> i can't talk too much about the actual impact on commodities verses other aspects of the economy. i think a lot of the remains to be seen how shakes out. i think when you talk about gas and oil prices you have to keep in mind the middle east. we have seen a volatile situation there. it's a complicated picture. >> and related to that people try to understand the statistics did
Sep 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the wound of the war those serving in iraq afghanistan and those who make us proud. as a take up the debate with respect -- respected defense and military is in good shape to make sure we get right for people and their families. it is the strength of who we are as a military. fighting wars we have a pretty healthy discussion what that means even with 70,000 still exposed. what that means as a country and as a military for the security requirements to challenge us at home and globally around the role. thank you for speaking to these issues as a nation of greatness it can and must be sustained. also begrudgingly look forward to your questions. [laughter] i am kidding. [applause] thank you admiral mullen for your powerful testimony i am not informed whether secretary gates is available on satellite yet? we can start asking you questions of love. [laughter] what makes this unique? you have been through wars wars, then defense budget going up and down. is raising unique compared to previous years of history? >> before was chairman i spent a lot of time in the navy. i grew up in that world just p
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7